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Google takes Display into full automation with the roll out of Smart Display Campaigns

Starting the 20th of April, Google has begun rolling out Smart Display campaigns to all advertisers. Smart Display campaigns are Google’s way of leveraging its algorithms to automate campaign creation, management and optimization in the Display Network.

If you run a Smart Display campaign, Google will:

  1. Automatically create display ads using your creative assets
  2. Automatically set bids based on the Target CPA that you set
  3. Automatically optimize the campaign targeting (like placements, age, gender, etc)

This feature isn’t good for advertisers who want to have a greater degree of control. However, for those wanting to get started with Display quickly without getting into the nitty-gritty too much, this is an ideal choice.

For Smart display campaigns to work, you need to:

  1. Make sure that you’ve set up conversion tracking and that you meet the conversion-based eligibility requirements. To set up a Smart display campaign, you need to have gotten at least 50 conversions on the Display Network—or at least 100 conversions on the Search Network—in the last 30 days.
  2. Make sure you have sufficient daily budget to account for at least 10–15 times your target CPA bid.
  3. Gather your ad’s assets like headlines, descriptions, images and logos.

To start a Smart Display campaign, create a new campaign and then under type choose ‘Display Network Only’. Select the radio button ‘marketing Objectives’ and under the 3 columns that show up, click on any option in the ‘Drive action’ Column.

Then check the ‘Create a Smart Display Campaign’ option that you will see in the Smart Display section below.

To analyze performance, go to ‘Asset details’ under the Ads tab. It will show data for each asset (copy, images and so on), including a “best,” “good” or “low” grade based on its ability to generate conversions.


Shreyans Jain is a Senior Programmatic Marketing Manager and the Head of GDN at Affinitas GmbH - one of the world's biggest Online Dating companies based in Berlin, Germany.

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